Car tires destroyed (September 2014) | Joachim De Zutter
September 22nd, 2014 we were informed that all 4 tires of our Opel Meriva car parked in front of building 222 in Ladoga Street, Borovo, Sofia, Bulgaria (42°40'04.3"N+23°16'56.3"E / 42.6678644,23.2823088) were deliberately destroyed by someone between 10 pm 18th of September 2014 and 10 pm 22nd of September 2014. A scratch was also made on the front right door of the car.

The police was informed about the incident around 10 pm 22nd of September 2014. They claimed they couldn't identify who did it.

The insurance company named BUL INS ( made pictures of the damage but they refused to pay anything for the destroyed tires. Initially they claimed the destroyed tires didn't have to be kept. After that they claimed they needed to see the destroyed tires themselves, but even after that they refused to pay anything. The insurance contract with BUL INS was terminated.

The arrow on the image below shows where our car was parked.

A note was found attached to a window of the car after the incident and on it was written in Bulgarian that this can only happen in Bulgaria.