Acer 5920G laptop startup problem | Joachim De Zutter
Computer Model: Acer 5920G laptop
Problem description: the screen stays blank when the power button is pressed and there's no beep. Once apple juice had been spilled over the laptop and it was succesfully cleaned with an alcoholic beverage. Before the startup problem, the Intel Core Duo CPU's were heating up quickly although the CPU fan was working (temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius). The CPU fan was cleaned from dust and parts of the motherboard were again cleaned with an alcoholic beverage containing about 40% alcohol. When the laptop was closed it didn't boot anymore.

The laptop had problems keeping the CMOS RTC time. The CMOS cell battery is the ML1220 type (, 12 mm diameter, 2.0 mm height) and it was inside green isolation.
The laptop was disassembled, the motherboard was taken out, the connection with the power switch and PC speaker were kept.
When the power adapter is connected, on the panel of the power switch LED1, LED2 and LED3 turn on.
When the power switch is pressed, on the panel of the power switch LED5 turns on (on the motherboard itself LED2 turns on), LED6, LED7 and LED8 light up for an instant, the CPU fan spins for about 5 seconds, LED5 turns off (on the motherboard itself LED2 turns off), there's no beep and then the computer shuts down.
When the power button is pressed again, nothing happens unless the power adapter was disconnected and reconnected first.
It is assumed the motherboard has a leaking capacitor near the power button connector with 470 EFC J57 written on it. The black seat of the capacitor is a bit loose. Some say it's just apple juice.